NaturExplorer Books: Incredible Creeks {Review + Giveaway} Nature Walk Wednesday

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The hopeful meditations of a coming spring have been heavy upon me these last waning weeks of extended winter.  The buds on the trees are giving me a peace, knowing that the season will soon change with the emergent joys of spring.  Joys that are best partaken of by preparing soil for the garden, airing out that spring wardrobe,  giving my house the once over spring cleaning (eventually), and emerging from our winter cave onto the sunny nature walk trails we have so missed.

We have been enjoying some early spring weather while on vacation in a more southern portion of Texas than we are accustomed to.  While enjoying a spring-ish break we had an opportunity to review some wonderful e-books and unit studies, from Shining Dawn Books, that have helped us welcome the new discoveries of an oncoming Spring.  The Incredible Creeks e-book is a wonderful starting point in Nature Study for children of all ages, and we are enjoying the chance to hit the trails again.

The ecosystem found in the amazing little steams of a commonplace creek can captivate both student and teacher.  The unit study Incredible Creeks has culminated this stream of creativity into a easy-to-follow and well organized study of such a simple looking realm of creation.  This Shining Dawn Book contains more resources and lessons than I could possibly list, particularly since the authors have designed this little e-book to be used by virtually any type of educator, be it Charlotte Mason, classical, eclectic, homeschool or public school.  The only limits to what you can do with this study will be time!
Incredible Creeks NaturExplorers Study from Shining Dawn Books
What we all loved:
  • I enjoyed the background information given to me, the educator, and the many tips for observation ideas, and discussion topics suggested in the "Getting Started" section of the book.  This section helped prepare me and spark my inspiration as an educator, helping me to share more confidently with my students while experiencing our Nature Walk on the creek together.
  • This book includes lovely images and Notebooking pages ready for immediate field work on your Incredible Creeks Nature Walks.  The Notebooking pages are easy to print from the appendix.
  • The greatest portion of the book is "Getting Outside with Incredible Creeks" which includes your outdoor field study ideas, online resources, in-depth lessons and observation activities: from skipping rocks, to nature sketching, to analyzing water specimens, to fishing, this book truly gave us so much to enjoy.  For my family, this means that what began as a one week study has now been extended on to the next three or four weeks. 
  • As a Charlotte Mason educator, "Branching Out with Incredible Creeks" was a wonderful resource!  This section contained many hands-on activities, ideas for composition and research, amazing selections for living literature, poetry study, art & picture study, composer study and biblical references and hymn study . . . all about creeks!
  • The family-centered approach to learning continued with the inclusion of ideas for helping younger children to participate, as well as older children.  I was most thankful to have great suggestions for bringing excitement into the study for my teenage students.
  • The price is right for this lovely 67 page, electronic book (PDF version), at only $8.95 each.  With such rich resources and lessons I feel this e-book is a thrifty option for any home educator.

What I did not love:
  • I am not certain this is even a complaint, but this e-book was so full of such wonderful ideas, I had a hard time choosing!  However; having so much to choose from helped me to broaden our horizons, as well as to choose a few "interest-lead" items for my individual students.  We will be continuing this study, along with the other NaturExplorer Studies that we have planned for the remainder of March.
  • My big pet-peeve with most e-book curricula is the amount of ink that it requires from the ink-sucking vampire that is my HP Printer.  However; again the authors of Incredible Creeks made it easy for me to locate most of the items that needed printing (mostly notebooking pages located in the appendix) making them simple to print without wasting much ink.  THANK YOU!
The joyful conclusion:
The Incredible Creeks e-book is a wonderful addition to any Nature Study library.  The freedom to create an amazing study for your family is made much easier and convenient using this book.  You will enjoy the moments found discovering together while using this e-book as your guide!

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Many blessings to you all as you begin to thaw from winter and embrace the spring!

Joyfully Learning with You,
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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  1. Our favorite topic to study is maybe animal life.

  2. Love to study animals!

  3. Animals or bugs

  4. The NaturExplorer study my son is most looking forward to is A Fungus Among Us. But we hope one day to have them all.

    1. That's a great plan! Be sure to stay tuned on my blog each Wednesday in March. I will be featuring a NaturExplorer product on Nature Walk Wednesday. See you then. ;)

  5. Our favorite so far has been trees.


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