5 Days of Shakespeare Fun at Home

Shakespeare. The Bard of Avon.  Ol' Will.

One of the greatest writers in the English language.  For the sake of this post, let's just all agree that teaching Shakespeare to your children is, at the least important.  Dare I say it, necessary.

Good.  I knew I could count on you to agree.  You are such a good student.

However; might I submit that we can make Shakespeare a tad more interesting to the younger culture, if we choose to present it as something more meaningful and relevant than just strange men with accents prancing about the stage in tights.  

Should I even suggest it?  Shakespeare and the study of his plays may actual be fun?

The trick, as with many subjects, is to create enthusiasm for the subject by showing your students how much you enjoy teaching and learning Shakespeare alongside them.

Fun and Shakespeare may actually be able to go hand-in-hand.  This week during our 5 Day Hopscotch with iHomeschool network, we are going to create, experiment and explore Shakespeare in unique and fun ways that I think your entire family will enjoy.  The idea is to create enthusiasm, and introduce your family to the delights of The Bard.

Here's what we have coming down the pipe this week:
  • DAY 1: Shalt Thou Go To Ye Olde' Cinema? - I will list and examine a few choice film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays that are appropriate for the entire family.
  • DAY 2: Action Packed Shakespeare - I will spend some time focusing on the fighting and sport in Shakespeare's plays.  This will be a great way to get the boys involved in Shakespeare learning fun ... and potential injury.
  • DAY 3: Art Lessons for Studying Shakespeare - FREE tutorial lesson: How To Draw The Globe Theater, along with suggestions for more learning Shakespeare through art.
  • DAY 4: Shakespeare Festival in Your Backyard - We will create the perfect celebration to inspire even further enthusiasm and creativity for studying the works of Shakespeare.
  • DAY 5: The Ultimate Shakespeare List - As our final hooray, we will pack one post chalk-full of amazing Shakespeare teaching resources.
I hope you will enjoy all the limitless possibilities of studying Shakespeare with your children, at home.  At the least you could potentially be filling the last waning hours of summer with something other than video games.

Come and Hopscotch along with the talented and creative home educators at the iHomeschool Network.

Joyfully Learning with You,

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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