Art Lessons for Studying Shakespeare: 5 Days of Shakespeare Fun at Home

O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention." ~ William Shakespeare

Fueling a love for Shakespeare can be an intimidating process.  Perhaps this is another instance we might take Shakespeare's cue and reach for a "muse".  Art is a beautifully diverse muse, whose highways hold limitless discoveries and a muse for which the road seems ever paved with inspiration.  Let us utilize these roads to discover a greater appreciation for the Bard and his works.

*NOTE FROM EDITOR* As with all articles posted, I attempt to keep resources family-friendly.  This is difficult, at times, with art.  I strongly suggest that you preview ALL LINKS before allowing your child to view them to insure that the art is aligned with your family's personal standards.  Thank you.

Art from the Shakespeare's Time: View and observe the art of the Elizabethan era.

Drawing Lessons for The Bard: Try your own hand at some Shakespeare-inspired drawing.
The Globe Theater - This is a great article on the background of the Globe Theater to read before you begin.  Here is another page that compare the 1st Globe Theater to its now, modern day, recreation.  This is another excellent resource for the history (wild & woolly though it may be) of the Globe. And one last article here from No Sweat Shakespeare on The Globe.

Before beginning your drawing of the Globe Theatre, I suggest spending some time with this excellent coloring page.

There is a picture only tutorial video below, on how to draw this simple Globe Theatre drawing with your kids.  I hope you enjoy creating together.

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