30 + Living Books for Learning American History

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This is the time of year when my patriotism stirs the greatest, and I begin reflecting on what I have taught my children about our country.  I also reflect and ruminate on what I have yet to teach.  

The coming celebration of Independence Day brings on a wave of reminders from our fore fathers, and a reflection of their character. Liberty. Faith. Courage. Fortitude. Ingenuity. Honor.

I am thankful for the many books that we have on our shelves that help me to teach and encourage a greater love of country, in both my children and myself.  I am thrilled to have set the time aside to scour my bookshelves and share these wonderful books with my readers.  There are picture books, chapter books, beautiful illustrations, and exciting narratives, all chosen for the author's ability to bring history to life with their passion for that subject.

Two words: Jean Fritz
She is hands down my most favorite historical fiction author for children.  Her engaging and entertaining narrations put her in a class by herself!  Here are her picture books that are a great read for any age really:
Jean Fritz also has several chapter books for upper elementary, or middle school students that our family has thoroughly enjoyed.

Of course, Jean Fritz doesn't corner the market in excellent living books for teaching American History.  Here are a few more of our family's favorites:

Let's not forget some great read-aloud stories.  These books are also great for older middle grades to high school students to read on their own.
I hope that you will have a chance to read a few of these amazing stories and light a spark of patriotic interest in your children.

Did I miss anything?  What is your family's favorite living books for learning American History?

Joyfully Learning with You,

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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  1. Great list! I recognize a number of them that I have on my bookshelf. We will be studying American history this coming year, so I'm glad it looks like I have some goodies to read with the kids!


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