Shakespeare Festival in Your Backyard: 5 Days of Shakespeare Fun at Home

Merry playing on the fife.
Feasting on Turkey Legs.
A Traveling Band of Actors.

Sounds like a far away time and place, not to be experienced by we mere modern dwellers, right?  Or, at least as close as the local Renaissance Fair? 
What if you could create the fun and excitement of a Shakespeare Festival in your very own backyard?  Rising to this challenge may sound outlandish and far-fetched at first glance.  You may find, however, that your talented family is more creative and ready that you first realized.  Rather than breaking-the-bank to hire a world renown flame juggler, we can fall on the tried and true home educator methodology. DO. IT. YOURSELF.


Here is a resource list of fun and engaging activities you can use to produce a Shakespeare Festival in Your Own Backyard:

  • Put on a little show.  Showcase your family's talent and what you have learned by staging a scene, or re-writing a scene, to perform for your guests.  Here is a great article from the Shakespeare Sleepover Society.
  • Have a multimedia experience.  Have audio Shakespeare playing in the background with this FREE Audio of Nesbit's Shakespeare.  You can also have this FREE Power Point, constructed by students, highlighting points of Shakespeare's life.
  • As your guest arrive, give them this PRINTABLE - What Do You Know About Shakespeare?  Then you and your family will be able to share more with your guests about what you have all learned together.

  • BUILD-A-SONNET!  Play a game of Sonnet Building.  Using the list below  of Shakespeare's most popular sonnets, cut each line individually, then laminate all the pieces.  Place each individual sonnet's pieces in a bowl and have your guest use them to build the sonnets.  Have the full sonnets printed too, so they can put them in the correct order.  Sonnet 18, Sonnet 121, Sonnet 116, Sonnet 118, Sonnet 122
  • Have an Art Show!  Load your table with completed SHAKESPEARE ART LESSONS that you have created together.  Set out colors, map pencils, pencils, and watercolors for your guest to use and create these quick projects to take home: Shakespeare Presents - create a stage scene, Draw William Shakespeare, Color this picture of Shakespeare.
  • LEGO UP!  Have some Lego Mini-Figures and scenery available to build some fun Shakespeare action during your festival.
  • Set up a Puppet Theater and use these Paper dolls (make them into puppets, by printing on card-stock & then attaching them to craft sticks)  from Romeo and Juliet, and Elizabethan men & Elizabethan women, to perform a short scene from a play.  Then leave extra copies out for your guests to make their own puppets.
Enjoy all the backyard revelry!  

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