Life With A History-Buff Homeschool Mom: History Reading List 2014

History and the study of the human race.
The story of the relationship of humans to their Creator, and a gracious Creator back to mankind.
The visible "Red Thread" of Christ's touch throughout recorded history.

These have ever been of highest importance to this educator. History, is given a large spotlight in our home, and taught with  fanaticism enthusiasm.  

Not because it is my favorite subject, because it is.  
Not because it is a requirement, although it is.
Not because we want our kids to have a full education, which we do.
"History is more than only important in academic sense, not only as a means to acquire knowledge, but to identify, sympathize and learn from others who went before us.  Whether good, bad or indifferent history reveals the nature of man and God's will orchestrated in the everyday using ordinary people." - The Joyful Socks Mom

Sixth Grade: The Bug, 10 years old 

  1. The Birth of Britain by: Winston Churchill (Complete Volume of Churchill's History of the English Speaking People)
  2. Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People
  3. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of Alfred the Great
  4. William of Malmesbury's account of the Battle of Hastings
  5. The Magna Carta
  6. In Freedom's Cause by: G.A. Henty
  7. History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea by: William Tyre
  8. The Daughter of Time by: Josephine Tey
  9. The Life of King Alfred by: Asser
  10. The Life of Joan of Arc by: Mark Twain
  • Heritage History, Christian Europe & Medieval History

"What is all history but the work of ideas,
a record of incomparable energy which his infinite aspirations
infuse into man?
In its pages it is always persons we see more than principles.
Historical events are interesting to us mainly in connection with feelings,
the sufferings, and interests of those by whom they are accomplished.
In history we are surrounded by men, long dead,
but whose speech and whose deeds survive . . .~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Tenth Grade: The Squeaker, 15 years old & The Scout, 15 years old
  • History Living Book List:

  1. The History of the English Speaking People, by: Sir Winston Churchill
  2. Streams of Civilization, Volume I 
  3. Streams of Civilization, Volume II
  4. The Story of Liberty
  5. Martin Luther
  6. Luther's 95 Theses

  • Heritage History, Christian Europe
  • We are just reading a few stories from MOH III, since we've already used it in the past.  We love it so much it bears repeating though. ;)  Mystery of History, Volume III

What is your favorite history read?

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Joyfully Learning with You,

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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