Literature the Handmaiden of History: Reading List 2014

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Literature and History are two of the foundation stones upon which we are building our house of knowledge.  I have approached both of these subjects with the utmost respect since the beginning of our homeschooling days.
Not that I do not approach all subjects with such seriousness, but these two get special noteworthiness in the pantheon of educating in our home.

Literature is given a noteworthy nod in our home for its ability to explain and expand our knowledge of history, and the narrative telling of the human race.  I have once heard it told that "Literature is the handmaiden of History".  We teach Literature in the traditional Charlotte Mason, no textbooks allowed style, narration-styled discussion.  The majority of the novels that the kids are using this upcoming year are selections from Ambleside Online, with a few additions here and there to suit individual tastes and needed historical content.  

Grade 6: Medieval History
This is what I would consider a bit of an adventurous booklist!  The Bug is a reader though, and I believe this list will challenge and stretch her abilities.
Family Read-A-Loud List:
What is the book that you are most excited about reading with your family this year?

If you missed our Curriculum post, here is what Our Charlotte Mason Education will look like this year.

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