Geography Rocks: Notebooking With North Star Geography

Implementing our newest homeschool book, North Star Geography, while maintaining our "Charlotte Mason-styled" mold has been an almost seamless transition.  Many of the methods we employ in our daily routine have been easy to maintain while beginning to use our new geography book, and the many resources that come with the printable CD-Rom.  If you missed my previous Geography Rocks post, you can go back & take a look.
Notebooking is one means of documenting our journey in learning.  

This method has continually been employed in our home education experience.  When we notebook we are more organized, more creative, remember more, have better tools for review, express ourselves better, and apply ourselves to learning in a more self-educated fashion.

My students tend to take their time in producing their work in notebooking.  They respond well to the creation-based work that is employed in producing a notebooking page.  

So, while the North Star Geography printable CD-Rom comes loaded with wonderful worksheets; maps, quizzes, note-taking sheets, activities, memory work and more; I opted to continue using the notebooking method that works well for us.  This was no problem since North Star Geography is a versital book.

We began by using the schedules and activities suggested in the  North Star Geography printable CD-Rom.  Here is how I am making North Star Geography work with our notebooking method.

I print only what I need: 
  • Schedule
  • Activities (the activities are pick & choose . . . there is NO WAY to do them all!)
  • Maps for current lesson
The rest of the resources I have tucked away for utilizing with our notebooking assignments and ideas.  This has worked wonderfully. 

I simply review the North Star Geography CD-ROM, provided with the book, and assign notebooking assignments using the worksheet suggestions for quizzes & note taking.

This still allows my student the ability to "tell me what they know" without trying to extract specific information, whilst allowing some creative reign over their own work.  This is still important in our home schooling method.

As you can see, creativity is important to each of us, and  North Star Geography has helped us not just maintain this, but to build upon it. 

I contribute this to the author, and his uncany ability to communicate a love and passion for his subject ... Geography!  When we love what we do, our enthusiasm can help to motivate others.  That is why we are sticking with North Star Geography

Joyfully Learning with You,

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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Be on the look out for our journey as we complete a new resource from Bright Ideas Press, North Star Geography.

North Star Geography & WonderMaps Combo

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