No School Room, Just Home and Family Please

This is not a school.
This is a home. 

This is where we live.
This is also where we learn.  

Do we, as home educators, really need to recreate a "classroom" environment?

Learning is a part of our everyday life, and not a separate experience.  I find a dangerous bend in our society to constantly compartmentalize every aspect of our lives.  There is a real need in many families to keep every part of their lives separate. Work. Home. Church. Sports. School. All separate from one another. 

The urge to recreate a classroom, I believe, comes from we parents who were educated within the public school system.  We literally have an institutionalized mindset without even realizing.  It has taken me almost our entire homeschool journey to un-learn this mindset!

Why bother to focus on NOT having a school room or classroom in our home?
Really, it comes down to a real heart issue for me. When I am recreating the classroom for my children, I personally begin shifting attentions to an academic focus. 

Well that's a good thing, right?

Home education is about RELATIONSHIP, not academic training!

We need to reach the hearts, minds & spirits of our children.  Sadly, I see the homeschooling movement shifting its focus toward academic training and away from the heart & soul training of our families.

I am not a homeschool mom that needs a homeschool room. I am a wife, and mother who educates at home, living our daily life is "classroom" enough for me.

Our life is not compartmentalized.
Our family has a life. This life is centered around Christ. That is our classroom.

Joyfully Learning with You,

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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