4 Lessons Mommy Gleaned Last Year

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Learning is a lifelong process, one that we all should actively engage in ... Even mommy has a few more lessons she can add to her list of wisdom.

This mom had an exceptionally difficult year during last school year, at least that is what the untrained eye may have observed & deduced.  During all of the illness, rearrangements, disappointed plans and re-prioritizations that last year held for both my family and myself; you may be surprised to know that we are not only contented at the outcome, but also blessed to have learned so much together.

Here are a few lessons that I was personally able to glean from our last school term of home educating:

Teaching at home does not mean teaching my children WHAT to think, but instead HOW one would think in the light of wisdom. 
I will sum this one up with one of my favorite Harper Lee quotes:
"The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think. No book in the world equals the Bible for that."
~ Harper Lee

Teaching my children the right way to live DOES.NOT mean I should attempt to control their every action!
We need to learn as a family the right way to live, discuss & reinforce whenever possible and then ... Here is the scary part ... Give our children over into God's most perfect & capable hands!

I need to stop cleaning up every mess!
Allowing life's messes is the perfect classroom for practicing faithful living. I must let my children make.the.wrong.decision!
Now ... I can backup and allow my children the safe environment, that is our home & family; in which to fail, stumble, & falter.
Mistakes are a part of life, and we cannot live in fear of our children making mistakes.  We instead must dedicate ourselves to prayer, asking the LORD to raise our children up to learn His ways, even when they stumble.

Let them learn. Give children the time and room to think & decide on their own. They just may surprise you!

Saying, "no" to others does not make me less of a servant in Christ's kingdom. When serving is a calling from God, then fulfilling that call WILL.NOT cross boundaries that God, Himself has set for your family. What I mean is that saying ,"not right now" or, "no" to people, curricula, extra curricular activities, or cooperatives in order to preserve the vision God has imparted to your family, is both wise & necessary.
... And I am getting much better at it now!

I hope each of you are learning to take these little, and large, lessons from God in your homeschooling, and walk forward knowing that He still has an even better plan than you could imagine.

Joyfully Learning with You,

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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