Why Our School Year Starts With Family Read-Alouds

 Yes, I am most certain that I will become unpopular after this quick reminder ... The school year is coming to a living room near you! 

Preparing for the upcoming school term, for me, can be a long and arduous task of soul-wrenching decisions. I know, I know ... I am a bit over-dramatic ... But, the process of weeding through all the curriculum choices now available to home educators really boggles my finite little mind! Keeping my mind from "self-destruct" mode is a constant concern. 

Over the years I have found that eating the elephant of homeschool planning is better served one.bite.at.a.time. Starting with our family's read-aloud list is the best starting point for me.  All other planning seems to flow naturally from this point.

Why I begin all homeschool planning with our family read-aloud list:
1. Choosing good, living literature from the plethora of books at my disposal helps me reaffirm that I already have much of what I need to educate my kids. I really DO.NOT need a ton of new curriculum to start the school year!

2. Prepping our read-aloud list helps me set the tone for our school year & keeps me focused.  

3. Our read-aloud goals are big, but a consistent reminder that our family learns best when we are gathered together around hearth & home. 

4. Reading is the best way to teach & mentor my children.  Always. 

Now that you are totally sold on family read-alouds, here is what we are planning to read together this coming year:

The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling (started this summer so we need to finish)
The Jungle Books (Penguin Classics)
Rudyard Kipling
Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens (lest you believe our homeschool is always "ship-shape" ... This was a book planned for last year that we didn't get around to reading.)
Oliver Twist (Penguin Classics)
Charles Dickens

Term 1: Sept. - Nov.
Out of the Silent Planet by: C.S. Lewis
Out of the Silent Planet
C.S. Lewis

Term 2: Dec. - Feb.
The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens
The Pickwick Papers (Oxford World's Classics)
Charles Dickens
Pelelandra, by C.S. Lewis 
Perelandra (Space Trilogy, Book 2)
Lewis, C.S.

Term 3: March - May
The Hound of the Baskervilles, by: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Penguin Classics)
Arthur Conan Doyle

I will post a bit later about how and when we read-aloud as a family.  You may want to hear how I choose the books we read, so I may feel a blog coming on about that topic.  I also read to each of my children separately & a few more readings for my youngest, so I will talk about that too. I am just feeling a bit chatty lately.

What are your reading goals as a family this school year?

Joyfully Learning with You,

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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