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It should be absolutely no shock or surprise whatsoever that I am a one hundred percent, shameless, unrepentant book nerd.  Not only do I love reading books, I also have a compulsive need to buy all the books!

That being confessed, I should probably go ahead and let you know that I am also a book snob.  I won't buy just any book, only certain genres, styles and writers appeal to my reading tastes.  I also have scruples about NOT buying books that are brand new and overpriced by big-business book moguls. (perhaps I should refer to them as book muggles)

There are stacks and stacks of good, pre-loved books, just waiting to be relocated to your bookshelf and loved again.  One way I have utilized my need  for getting my hot hands on more good books is buying from INSTAGRAM BOOK SHOPS.

I have been buying from these Instagram Book Shops for over a year now, and I am pleased to let you know why these book shops are the best:
  • Most are small businesses or independent shop owners.  In shopping small, I am supporting and entrusting my business to an individual, NOT a company or brand.  Believe me, the execs at certain unnamed book selling conglomerates really don't NEED another trip to the Bahamas.  Not on my dime.  They just don't.
  • Buying used books helps to do my little part in being a good steward of creation.  New books equals the need for more resources.  Conserving all the resources we can whenever possible is just a good idea.  We only have one earth folks, just in case no one told you.
  • Small business folks, in general, know much more about customer service and appreciate the value of a hard work.  They also are more appreciate of my business than some cooperate big Whig who sees me as just another demographic number.
  • When I support an individual, then I am helping a real person do real life.  A mom can buy her kid music lessons.  A dad can take his family on an extra camping trip.  A single mom can better afford life's necessities.  The positive outcomes of good old-fashioned business!
All of that being said, you should NEVER just hop on INSTAGRAM and buy from just any old shop.  PROCEED WITH CAUTION.
Here are the Book Shops that I trust and enjoy buying from.  I know each of these shop owners and they come with my full support and recommendation!

Jessica is the owner of Wolfgang Vintage (named after her son).  She sells both used contemporary books and vintage books.  Jessica has impeccable taste in books and she is also a sweet and generous lady!  She is a full-time work at home mom.
Me, enjoying a rare Jane Eyre find & Churchill book I purchased from my friend Jessica at Wolfgang Vintage.

My newly adopted little-sister-in-spirit is Bree of Read More Books.  She is an amazing mommy and fellow bookish soul.  She occasionally sells used contemporary books on her feed, has great posts about books to read and book discussions, additionally she sells new children's books through her Barefoot Books feed.

Fox and the Crow Books is run by absolutely two of my most favorite people, husband and wife team, Ciro and Nicole.  They are both book lovers with amazing taste in books and art.  You will enjoy and savor each and every book that you purchase from Fox and the Crow Books.  Additionally, CIRO MAKES ART is Circo's personal feed, go check it out, he is an incredible artist!

Andrea is a great purveyor of vintage books, and lovely handmade & upcycled goodies.  She has a wonderful Etsy shop to boot!

Jessica from Once Around Bookshop sells quality used books, both vintage and contemporary and has excellent literary tastes.  I have enjoyed each and every purchase that I have made at Once Around Bookshop.  Jessica has great service and fast shipping!

Susan of Booksy Galore Books is a fun Instagram seller, as well as owning a trendy "brick and mortar" used bookstore in New York state.  Her books are reasonably priced and she is excellent at helping you to find a book you may be searching for.  Additionally, I want to add that Susan has great service and is a generous business person.  I have enjoyed each book and transaction I have received from Booksy Galore Books.

Own on the Shelf Books is the shop of one of my fun and favorite geeky friends Stephanie.  She has unique book selections during her book sales, and has excellent geek humor to boot.

This little bookshop is one of the first INSTAGRAM shops that I ever shopped at, and I still shop there today.  Vintage Cube Books sells a wide variety of vintage books and some contemporary books too.

Molly is a fellow home educator and also a great purveyor of children's and juvenile books.  Her prices are more than fair, and usually very econmical.  She is quick at shipping and has sales on her feed Dibble and Dash every two to three weeks.  Molly is also willing to help search for books that you request, she is especially skilled in finding difficult-to-locate books for home educating.
A few of our family's favorite living books, including a new copy of Casey at the Bat that I purchased from Molly at Dibble and Dash.

And finally, here comes the shameless plug ... 

Of course, I do absolutely recommend yours' truly for both, unique bookish crafts and wide variety of quality used books.  I search for the best in classic, living and contemporary literature while attempting to promote a positive literary community.  Follow our book feed at Living Books Nook and our SHOP feed at Living Books Shop


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